A passion for innovative ingredient supply and distribution

Almost 100 years ago, a small family company called Sugar Products began supplying granulated sugar and powdered sugar to local bakeries in Los Angeles, California. Sugar Products stood out among the other “sugar jobbers” as always eager to source new sugars and try new solutions to solve the business challenges of their customers.

In 1979, Sugar Products became Sweetener Products Co. Why? We had expanded beyond those early days into an entire spectrum of sweeteners and acidulants, emulsifiers, fibers, gums, proteins, starches, and more. Within state-of-the-art SQF-Level 3 certified facilities, we developed efficient ways to store, package, powder and liquify, sweeteners. We implemented rigorous testing protocols to meet and exceed FDA requirements. And we committed to keep delivering our own products, just as we did in 1923—investing in our own fleet of dry vans and tanker-trucks to ensure timely, affordable, reliable deliveries across California and the Pacific Northwest.

Today, we carry a wide range of wholesale ingredients while we carry on that same mission: delivering innovation, quality, and value for a sweeter way of life. See the Sweetener difference today >