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Starches bring structure to foods and beverages—the stability, texture, and satisfying mouthfeel that makes customers want more without impacting the delicious flavor you’ve worked to curate. These incredible ingredients also let you lower calorie, fat, and sugar content to achieve the clean labels that attract today’s consumers.

Whether your team needs bulk corn starch, modified corn starch, potato starch, or tapioca starch, start with Sweetener Products Company. We offer more high quality choices, savings, and service with less cost to food producers like you.

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One of the most popular native starches in the world of food production and a terrific thickening agent, corn starch is also an all-natural anti-caking agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer. Let the Sweetener ingredient experts steer you to the right wholesale corn starch for your production needs.

Organic corn starch opens doors to the clean labels your customers are looking for while providing a clear and uncluttered neutral taste profile. As a premier cornstarch distributor, Sweetener ingredient experts can help you source premium organic corn starch at highly competitive prices.

For more challenging food and beverage processing, modified corn starch is a great choice. It can stand up to freezing and thawing, pressure, and high heat without breaking down into unappetizing tastes or textures—all while boosting product shelf life. Let Sweetener ingredient experts show you the versatility and reliability of modified corn starches for your foods and beverages.

A great way to offer gluten-free labels to meet increasing dietary needs and trends, potato starch provides luscious viscosity for soups and puddings without sacrificing flavor. As a premium potato starch distributor, Sweetener Products ingredient experts can source and ship the perfect bulk potato starch product for your applications.

Gluten-free and a great way to get clean label cachet, bulk organic potato starch offers all the texture-enhancing capabilities of potato starch with an all-natural advantage. Ask Sweetener ingredient experts about the organic unmodified potato starch choices we offer.

Tapioca starch benefits are well-known in the food and beverage industry. Tapioca starch is both gluten-free and non-GMO. Nontraditional starches like tapioca powder and tapioca flour are having a renaissance right now. Sweetener ingredient experts are ready to show you the impact tapioca starch ingredients can have on your products.

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