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Acidulants in food add zing—the bright, tart, refreshing flavors that punch up your products. And because they infuse so much healthy flavor to foods and beverages, premium acidulants also let you offer less, lowering calorie, fat, sugar content and achieving the clean labels everybody wants.

Whether your team needs citric acid or lactic acid, or sorbic, tartaric, phosphoric, fumaric, or malic acid in bulk, call on Sweetener Products Company. As the premier acidulants distributor in the Western U.S., we offer higher quality and more choices, savings, and service at less cost.

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Also known as “vinegar acid,” acetic acid gives the astringent kick that makes pickles and salad dressings such flavor showcases. Let the Sweetener ingredient experts show you how our food grade acetic acids can amp up your products.

A naturally occurring sugar found in beets and sugar cane, adipic acidulants bring a bubbly fizz to bottled drinks and a fruit-forward tartness to foods. Sweetener ingredient experts can show you all the benefits of adipic acidulants.

A flavoring and preserving superpower, food grade citric acid can be found in a wide range of tempting and healthy foods and beverages. Sweetener offers a full range of wholesale citric acid options, so talk to our ingredient experts about the different types of bulk citric acid powders we offer.

Found in papayas, plums, and pears, fumaric acid is a fresh way to bring natural fruit flavors to your food and beverage products and to preserve products like tortillas. Our Sweetener ingredient experts can show you how to get the most out of fumaric acids.

Get the tempting tang of fermented foods, from yogurt to pickles to sourdough bread, along with powerful preserving properties in food grade lactic acid. As the premier lactic acid supplier in the Western U.S., Sweetener is the perfect place to start your search.

Naturally occurring in al fruits—and the source of their sweet sourness—malic acid is a major player in many products, from skincare to medicines, and there is no better source of bulk malic acid than Sweetener.

Phosphoric acid is a key ingredient in many well-loved jams and iconic beverages. Start your search for bulk phosphoric acidulants with Sweetener Products.

The star of many cranberry or grape-based food and beverages, from wines to jellies, tartaric acid is also capable of providing natural leavening properties when combined with baking soda. Whether you are looking for an all-natural touch of tartness or a quick rise, Sweetener ingredient experts are here to help.

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