Sugar is our signature ingredient

We built our business on sugar distribution and no one does it better. Sweetener Products Co. started out as sugar jobbers for local bakeries in 1923 and grew to become the sugar distributors of choice for California and the Western United States.

We know the world of wholesale sugars like no other company, and we source our exceptional and affordable sugars from all over the world.

Today’s consumer is searching for whole, natural ingredients on clean labels—as well as great taste. Our ingredient experts work closely with our clients to maximize sweetness while minimizing calories and label clutter. And because Sweetener is one of the few bulk sugar suppliers with its own manufacturing and distribution network, you get an additional quality assurance with every bulk sugar delivery.

We built our business on wholesale sugar supply. Why would you buy sugar in bulk anywhere else? >

Refined from sugar beets, beet sugars are all-natural and high sucrose, making them ideal in most recipes. Let our ingredient experts show you why bulk beet sugar is a staple in the food and beverage industry—and explain our wide range of beet sugar options.

Bulk cane sugar is the core of our company and Sweetener sets the standard for wholesale cane sugar supply. The depth of our knowledge and our distribution and delivery network sets Sweetener apart from other cane sugar distributors—and lets us offer the best value in bulk raw sugar or wholesale refined sugar. If you need bulk cane sugar, start with Sweetener.

What could make sugar sweeter? Making it sustainable. Bulk organic sugar is having a big moment and adding “organic” to your product labels and offer a big lift in sales. Let our ingredient specialists show you how organic sugar can make an indulgence even more irresistible for today’s consumers.

Sweetener Products creates our very own premium, pure sugar solutions to facilitate easier handling, consistent flavors, and the clearest possible colors. All you should see and taste is the sweetness! Ask our ingredient experts about our rigorous manufacturing process, intense quality control and testing, and rock-solid in-house distribution network today.

Lower crystallization and higher solubility. Clear, consistent sweetness. It all comes together in our own invert sugar—an ideal ingredient for ice creams and beverages. Ask our ingredient experts if our bulk liquid invert sugar can offer a better way to achieve the mouthfeel and stability you need in your food and beverage products.

Sweetener creates exceptional liquid sugar blends in our own state-of-the-art facility, carefully tests each batch, and ships across the Western United States using our own fleet of tank trucks. There is no better way to buy bulk liquid sugar blends than Sweetener Products.

Sweetener Products sources and delivers the full spectrum of corn syrups, from non-GMO and organic to high fructose corn syrup 42 and 55, 36 DE corn syrup and regular corn syrup, 62/44 corn syrup, and other blends. Get the best of corn syrup’s sweetening and binding qualities—along with the very best value—at Sweetener.

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Work with the best ingredient supply source in the west! Our ingredients experts are ready to leverage our extensive sourcing networks and supply chain, smooth out logistics, lower costs, and ship samples, all to get you the premium starches you need for your food and beverage products.

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