Take mouthfeel and taste to the next level with food grade emulsifiers

Emulsifiers in food blend and bond ingredients, like oils and waters, that naturally try to stay apart. Natural emulsifiers solve so many production problems, like stickiness, crystallization, and separation, to create spectacular (and stable) food and beverage products.

Esters in food can also extend your emulsifications to even the finest particles while boosting taste with ester flavor enhancers. Sweetener Products Co. sources and produces exceptional natural emulsifiers. And unlike other food grade emulsifier manufacturers, Sweetener does not outsource delivery, so we can promise exceptional quality at every step of our supply line.

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Naturally found in a wide range of foods, lecithin is an excellent emulsifier and an antioxidant and flavor protector, too! Ask our ingredient experts about our bulk lecithin options, including organic soy lecithin powder for your health-conscious consumers!

Is there a more crave-worthy treat than ice cream? Polysorbates in food are what make that dreamy, creamy bite possible. Talk to your Sweetener ingredient expert about what food grade polysorbate can do for your frozen foods.

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