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If you need bulk sweeteners for your food and beverage products, Sweetener Products Co. can make your life so much sweeter. We cross the globe to find our sugar alternatives and stay ahead of cutting-edge advances in sweetener development and consumer tastes and we work with our clients to lower calories, create clean labels, and take advantage of organic and non-GMO options.

Variety. Value. And a proven production and distribution network across the western U.S. There are many alternatives to sugar but only one Sweetener Products. >

Acesulflame Potassium, or Ace K, is a calorie-free sugar substitute that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Talk to the Sweetener experts about how to blend Ace K into your recipes to achieve the sweetest possible finish to every sip or bite.

Bulk agave nectar, an all-natural, diabetes-friendly sweetener that does not spike blood sugar levels, is widely seen has one of the healthier sugar alternatives. Talk to our ingredient experts about how bulk agave syrup can give your products more powerful shelf appeal and discover everything you need to know about how agave sweetener is produced and used.

One of the most widely used sugar substitutes, aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Talk to our ingredient experts about how you can use aspartame in your foods and beverages and get more sweetness for less money.

Bulk honey brings not just golden sweetness to your foods and beverages but a wholesome, recognizable, and all-natural ingredient to your clean labels. Sweetener experts can show you a whole world of honey options—from unique regions and types of flowers to bulk raw honey, bulk powdered honey, and organic bulk honey—helping you source the perfect sustainable sweetener for less.

Another favorite of health-conscious, clean label consumers, maple syrup and maple sugar provide rich authentic flavors, a range of colors, and a healthful aura to food and beverage products. Ask Sweetener ingredient experts about maple syrup grades and pricing options.

Low-carb diets and the Keto craze have fueled new interest in monk fruit extract, a calorie-free, sugar-free sweetener that is sweeter than sugar. Learn more about monk fruit sweeteners and talk to our ingredients experts about how you can capture a new corner of the market and make your products healthier with Sweetener monk fruit extract.

Consumers trying to avoid corn syrup eagerly pick up rice syrup, a clean label favorite in the organic food and beverage market. Brown rice syrup solids can give your products an irresistible taste and our rigorous product testing and rock-solid supply chain can assure you that Sweetener rice syrups are pure sweetness. Learn the benefits and many uses for brown rice sweetener.

Non-nutritive saccharin is one of the oldest and best-understood sweeteners available today. Saccharin can be up to 400 times sweeter than cane sugar and works best when blended with other sweeteners, so talk to our ingredient experts about how to balance your recipes and buy saccharin in bulk for maximum sweetness and value.

Buying Stevia in bulk? Start with Sweetener. Stevia powder is one of our biggest sellers and Sweetener offers non-GMO and organic versions of this all-natural, plant-based sweetener. Want to know more about stevia and its rise in popularity as an alternative sweetener? Talk to our experts about getting less calories and more sweetness with bulk Stevia at Sweetener.

Non-nutritive sucralose adds 600 times the sweetness of sugar without adding carbs or calories. Ask our ingredient experts about how sucralose’s high heat stability can make your baked goods more healthful—and how quickly and efficiently Sweetener can source, process, and deliver bulk sucralose.

Another popular alternative to corn syrup in the organic and health-conscious market, tapioca syrup’s smooth texture, light amber color, and neutral flavor profile have made it a clear favorite additive to high quality foods and beverages. See how cassava syrup can help you create clean labels and all-natural, crave-able flavors.

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