The power of proteins

With low-carb diets like keto gaining popularity, people are looking for ways to add more proteins to their daily diet. For food and beverage manufacturers, premium protein wholesalers Sweetener Products Co. is a great place to start.

From soy-based proteins to non-gmo protein powders, Sweetener supplies bulk proteins that make can foods better, fast. And unlike other wholesale protein suppliers, Sweetener owns our delivery trucks so we can provide additional quality assurance along with our bulk proteins.

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Improve the texture of meat products—or meat alternatives. Enhance moisture retention. And create creamy, stable emulsifications. Bulk soy protein powders and other soy protein sources can do so much to enhance your products and help your customers live healthier lives.

Naturally purified from milk, milk proteins enrich foods and beverages while adding desirable nutrients like calcium and amino acids to your product labels.

A completely natural by-product of cheesemaking, whey proteins have been used to enhance foods for thousands of years, making it an ideal ingredient for today’s health-conscious customers.

Looking to attract today’s healthy consumer? Discover the many applications of pea protein and ask our Sweetener ingredient experts about non-GMO pea protein powder and our other bulk pea protein powder products.

As plant-based diets become more and more popular, rice protein does, too. A great alternative to milk protein and whey protein for vegan products, rice proteins offer amazing amino acid profiles, easy digestibility, and neutral flavors. Ask our ingredient experts about our non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free rice proteins.

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Work with the best ingredient supply source in the west! Our ingredients experts are ready to leverage our extensive sourcing networks and supply chain, smooth out logistics, lower costs, and ship samples, all to get you the premium ingredients you need for your food and beverage products.

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