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Like emulsifiers, thickening agent gums and gelling agents in food change the texture of food and beverages—making it possible to achieve the magical mouthfeels customers crave. From smooth ice cream to chewy granola bars to hearty gravies, gums can give you a nearly limitless range of textures. And gums are great food stabilizers, too!

Sweetener Products Co sources a full spectrum of gelling and thickening agents. from agar gum to bulk pectin to bulk wholesale xanthan gum. Whether your goal is to create the cleanest label or the most decadent bite, we can make it happen. And unlike other xanthan gum producers and Carrageenan manufacturers, Sweetener owns our delivery trucks so we can provide additional quality assurance.

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A food industry favorite for icings, fillings, soft candies, and confectionaries, gum arabic is a great thickener and emulsifier for sweeter products. And who knows sweet better than Sweetener Products?

Agar thickening agents are derived from seaweed, making them a smart and sustainable choice. Ask our ingredient experts about the best uses for agar gum.

Another spectacular seaweed-derived thickener, Carrageenan powder is an all-natural thickening and gelling agent found across the food industry. Let Sweetener Products help you find your best options today!

For flawless fondants and flash-frozen ice creams, CMC can’t be beat for texture and taste. Ask our Sweetener ingredient experts about how carboxymethyl cellulose can enhance your products.

High in soluble fiber and low in calories, guar gum is ideal for today’s less-is-more labels. Sweetener Products wholesale bulk guar gum is the best in the business, so start your search with us.

Created from carob tree seeds, locust bean gum gels in liquid and has become a go-to for organic, natural foods free of highly refined ingredients. Ask our Sweetener ingredient experts if locust bean can be a great gelling agent for you.

Fruit-based and familiar to many home cooks, pectin powder can do it all—thickening, emulsifying, gelling, and stabilizing. It can also stand in for fats and sugars in low-calorie foods. Sweetener Products is a premier pectin supplier, so ask about our bulk fruit pectin and other wholesale pectin products today.

Tasteless, odorless, and water-soluble, gum tragacanth is derived from tree sap that humans have used to thicken foods since ancient times. Talk to Sweetener ingredient experts about how tragacanth can work in your food and beverage products.

Wholesale bulk xanthan gum are plant-based thickening and stabilizing agents used to thicken and stabilize foods. And if you are looking to capture part of today’s active gluten-free market, xanthan gum is a great place to start—it can replicate the structural integrity of gluten in baked goods. Sweetener is one of the best xanthan gum distributors in the Western U.S. and we can show you how to get the most out of this great emulsifier!

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